Technical Requirements for Fence Panels

High Security Fence – Welded mesh

HSF – WM. Fencing panels shall made out of galvanized steel wires, welded and subsequently polyester-coated, using fence panels of height 2.42 M supported by continuous concrete ground beam. The panels have round horizontal wires and thicker round vertical wires. The horizontal wires are double every 1210 mm, starting with a double wire at the bottom and ending with a double wire at the top. See fig. 1. External face of fence is to be fitted with single coil of clipped razor tape medium barb on top. Corner and Line posts are to be fitted with extension arms which shall support six horizontal strands of concertina tape short barbed wire, 3 on each side. The extension arms and barbed wire is to support a single coil of clipped razor tape of 700 mm diameter on top of the fence.

We have minimum 10 years experience of, manufacturing security fence and our products meet the specifications for design, size gauge of metal, coating and fabrication,

The panels are produced by electrical resistance welded galvanized wires and subsequently polyester-coated.

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