Aluminized Steel Chain Link Wire Fence

Aluminized chain link fence is written as Aluminum Chain Link Fence sometimes and cause confusion for users. How to choose aluminized chain link from the real aluminum one? In another word, what is aluminized chain link and its advantages?

Aluminized chain link fence is actually not made of aluminum wire, it is a kind of aluminum powder coated steel chain link fence. The aluminized steel rhombic mesh fence offers an option with less cost in commercial uses compared real aluminum. It also has the aluminum shine surface to enjoy almost all the features of the real Aluminum fences. Knuckle top chain link fences are suitable for general commercial fencing uses. Barbed wire or razor concertina coil top aluminized steel chain link fence makes ideal perimeter fencing with improved security than the knuckle ended.

The base metal for making aluminized chain link mesh  is composed of commercial quality medium-carbon aluminum coated wire. The wire is coated with aluminum to produce a smooth and uniform coating. The weight of aluminum coating, wire sizes with allowable variances, and wire breaking strength, conform to ASTM A 817 for the wire size specified. The wire is aluminum coated before weaving. 

The coating is produced by passing the cleaned wire through a melting bath of aluminum metal.

Aluminum coated steel chain link fence offer the following features: Corrosion resistance, Lightness and nice appearance, Long life time, High tensile and easy installation, Adapt to the harsh environment.Standards:
ASTM A 491 Aluminum-Coated Steel Chain Link Fence.
ASTM F567 Installation of Chain Mesh Fencing.
ASTM A 817 Metallic-Coated Wire for use in Chain-Link Fence Federal specification. RR-F- 191 K/1 D Type II, Fencing, Wire and Post Metal (Chain-Link Fence Fabric) American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials M-181 Chain Link Mesh, Type II.

Aluminized fabric is available in mesh sizes from 3/8 inch to 2 inches, and in heights from 36 inches to 240 inches. Unless otherwise specified, chain link fabric woven with a 2 inch (50 mm) mesh and 60 inches (1,520 mm) or less in height is knuckled at both selvages;
Chain link fence end types: K- Knuckle, B- Barb.

Aluminized Rhombic Mesh Fabric with Knuckle or Barbed Wire Top Ends
(Mesh x Gauge x Height)Ends
2" x 9 x 36"KxK
2" x 9 x 42"KxK
2" x 9 x 48"KxK
2" x 9 x 60"KxK
2" x 9 x 72"KxB
2" x 9 x 84"KxB
2" x 9 x 96"KxB
2" x 9 x 120"KxB
2" x 9 x 144"KxB

Aluminum Powder Coated Steel Wire (For Weaving of Chain Link Mesh) Specification
Nominal Wire DiameterAllowable VarianceAluminum Coating 
Weight, minimum
Breaking Strength minimum
90.1483.76+ 0.005+0.130.401221,2905,740
100.1353.43+ 0.005+0.130.401221,2905,740
110.1203.05+ 0.005+0.130.351078503,780

Aluminum Chain Link Fencing Applications:
Aluminum coated (aluminized) steel chain link for commercial, industrial and institutional applications. Aluminized fabric is contained in various government specifications for use in prison, road, dock, airport, housing, forestry, and military use.

Project of Aluminized Spiral Chain Link Perimeter Fencing System Top Ended with Barbed Wire:

Barbed Wire for Chain Link Top Ends

Chain link diamond mesh can use barbed wire or concertina tape wire at top ends to make a perimeter fencing system. Barbed wire chain link fence offers less cost and is suitable for general safety fencing uses.
Following is a project work we supply for Australia Farm Boarder Perimeter:
Composed with Chain link fence, barbed wire, other accessories.
Standard 50 x 10 gauge (mesh x gauge) Aluminum powder coated chain link Mesh (3M high x 2600M Length) (3.1 - 3.24mm diameter).
Strands of Aluminized Barded Wire (2.2mm diameter).
Strands of 3.25 mm straining wire (4.0 - 5.5mm diameter).
25 x 4 mm galvanized steel metal beading.
65mm x 65mm x 6mm galvanized steel angle.
Straight barbed wire: 2.5mm diameter. Barbed wire spring (for making wire barbs) : 2.2mm diameter. Line straining wire (straight wire): 4.0 - 5.5mm diameter.
Chain link for mesh fabric: 3.1 - 3.24mm diameter. Aluminum alloy is Al Mg 2.5 or equivalent.

Strength of the materials:

materialsStraight barbed wireBarbed wire springLine wireChain wire
Nominal diameter2.52.24.0 to 5.53.1
Measured mean diameter2.52.203.983.09
Sectional area4.913.812.447.5
0.2% proof load56115376197
0.2% proof stress11.430.330.226.3
Maximum load106127440236.5
Tensile strength21.633.435.431.5
Elongation on gauge length 5086138

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