Fence Posts

Yudemei offers fencing accessories for installing the chain link fence system. We supply Tubular Posts, Post Caps, Rail End, Brace Band, Tension bar, Corner posts, Tension bands, Terminal posts, Eye Tops, Tension bars and fence ties, Line posts, Top rails, eye top, Optional tension wire, clips, fence ties (every 24" of top rails and  every 12 inch of line posts), barb wire arms, frame hinges, post hinges and etc.

Types and Classifications of Posts:
Fencing Posts are classified into T bar post and Y post according to outline designs.

T post is also written as T bar post or studded T post. The fence posts are divided into Euro post, American post or Australia Post according to different styles for target markets. T post can be designed with or without spades.

Y-Post can be Y steel fence post with Black Bitumen Coating, powder pvc coating, Y-Post galvanised.

The metal steel posts are mostly used with wire mesh fence fabrics as support parts for fencing system.

Fence post has two major finishes: hot dipped galvanized steel posts, or powder coated pvc posts with black, green and other colors.

Fence Posts Uses:
1. Metal posts for supporting chain link fence panels and other mesh fabrics;
2. Steel posts for security fencings;
3. Tubular posts for picket fence and palisade fence.

T Bar Post with Powder Coating Chain Link Fence Post
Y Post Tubular Post for Picket Fencing Application

Popular Posts Specifications:

1. The studded T-bar post for fence application:
T-bar Post without Spade, Rail Steel, Green Painted, 0.95lb/ft x 6ft size, unit weight: 2.58kgs/pc.
2. Black bitumen “y” fencing picket with holes.
3. U steel fence posts: Fence post caps to top a u-post fence. The u-posts are 14 guage, 1" wide.
(1) GALVANIZED STEEL FENCE PANEL.2.2m by 5.2m.( for Industrial/air port area)
(2)Fencing poles
(3)Y- Bracket
(4) Bolts
4. Y steel post:           
Y-Post Black Bitumen Coating            
Y-Post Galvanised      
5. Post anchors for steel square and round posts.
6. T-posts with spade, Euro Style Post

Steel Fence Posts, T and Y Type Posts Benefits:
1. Galvanized steel fence post enjoys an improved rate of 30% in its mechanical property and physical property compared with common steel posts with same section size;
2.Good appearance. Easily used, with a low cost;
3. Recovered for use after years, meet the requirement of national environmental protection, is a kind of environmental friendly product;
4. The T posts enjoy good theft-proof function;
5. Steel posts with hot dipped galvanizing coating or powder coating are substitute products of the current common steel posts, concrete posts or bamboo posts.

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