Chain link fence and urban traffic safety

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In the implementation of development regardless of which city in the country, all in harmony to create a new clean and beautiful city, and for the construction of a new city and ultimately Chain link fence and other help. Highway fence is the most important transportation infrastructure, our highways are developed from the 1980s, its national economy and social development plays an important effect. Is an important highway maintenance and security facilities.

Chain link fence installed on the road, reducing the incidence of traffic accidents, improve the safety of the residents travel! Chain link fence is also kind of a lot, according to the stiffness can be divided into flexible Chain link fence, semi-rigid and rigid Chain link fence categories

Chain link fence when the role of the highway is a vehicle hit the top, there is a buffer, so that more effective protection of vehicles and security personnel. How to measure road chain link fence is qualified, strictly speaking, is to meet the national highway standards, qualified in general is produced chain link fence, in line with the quality required by the user on it. Some manufacturers for personal gain, not according to user requirements, cut corners, entrap users. Chain link fence we require the production process to strictly every aspect of production, strengthen the quality of materials used in production processes are strictly.

In production, be sure to use high-quality low-carbon steel welding, Chain link fence psot be welded in accordance with user requirements, can not be tainted welding welding, Weld phenomenon. In addition, the dip layer should be uniform, not tainted plastic, dip the wire diameter to achieve user requirements. This would meet the requirements of the general. Each link strictly, we can not ignore every detail.

Highway chain link fence welded frame is made from mesh and frame, wire paneals are welded together by a low-carbon steel wire, usually rectangular tube frame 20mmx30mm, and a variety of specifications 40mm tube, 48mm pipe, rectangular pipe and other pipe 20mmx40mm welded together.

Chain link fence is a steel fencing products in the most common form, it is the use of domestic high-quality low-carbon steel wire, aluminum-magnesium alloy wire weaving and welding, with a flexible assembly, durable characteristics. Both can be made into a permanent fence walls, can also be used as a temporary isolation, in use just using different column fixation can be achieved. Highway chain link fence widely used in many domestic highway, and achieved good results.

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